GOV2EU open conference

GOV2EU open conference

GOV2EU open conference


On February 28th there will be an open conference on the GOV2EU project. This project aims to promote the use of electronic invoicing, mainly in the health sector, in European countries by adopting the European eInvoincing estandar (EN).

The open conference will take place at the EDICOM headquarters in Valencia. The speakers will be representatives of the coordinating and supporting entities (EDICOM, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, Asseco Hungary, Sisconsult and SUCH) and all the members of the consortium are invited to participate.

The conference aims to present the results achieved by the GOV2EU project. In addition, a review of the adoption status of electronic invoicing in some of the countries of origin of the entities that participate in the project (mostly hospitals) will be carried out, particularly Hungary, Portugal and Belgium.

The GOV2EU project is funded by the European Commission within the CEF Telecom program, managed by INEA (Executive Agency of Innovation and Networks) through the Call CEF-TC-2016-3.

Official website:


Action Number: 2016-EU-IA-0096 (INEA’s action webpage)
Agreement Number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2016/1333510
This project is co-financed by European Commision throught its 2016 CEF Telecom Call – eInvoicing (CEF-TC-2016-3).




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